Class Introduction:

If you would like to view the entire online class, please fill out the form below, submit payment, and you will be emailed a unique link and password within 48 hours of receipt of payment to view the series at your leisure.


This includes access to 5 additional videos for approximately 1.5 hours of content:  

-Pelvic Floor and Kegels (22 min)
-Sex after Baby (16 min)
-Managing Cesarean and Perineal Scar Tissue (11 min)
-Post Baby Belly Rehab and Diastasis Recti (25 min)
-Posture and Body Mechanics (13 min)


This class will discuss ways to heal and get your body back after your baby is born and is intended for women during pregnancy and the postnatal period. Ideally this class would be taken during pregnancy to prepare for the postnatal period; however, the information is very beneficial whether you are early postnatal or even years postnatal.  You can view this class online (see left), or attend a class in person (schedule below).


Topics include: 

Kegels and the pelvic floor: Learn if you should be doing Kegels, and how to do them correctly to improve muscle tone in the pelvic floor

Diastasis recti and abdominal exercises: Familiarize yourself with how to correct abdominal separation and learn safe abdominal exercises to begin after birth to regain strength

Posture and body mechanics: Learn about correcting posture and body mechanics for childcare activities to prevent injury or pain

Scar tissue management: Learn how to take care of perineal or cesarean scar tissue to prevent complications like adhesions or tightness

Sex after birth: Discuss what is normal and what to do if you have discomfort

Recommended postnatal products: Learn about various abdominal and pelvic floor products to address any symptoms or to prevent future symptoms.

Postnatal pain, incontinence and complications: Having a baby can increase the risk of back pain, pelvic or tailbone pain, urinary incontinence, and other conditions. Learn how to prevent and treat any complications and ask any questions regarding pain, discomfort, leaking, sex, exercise, or anything else about the postnatal period.


Learn how to take care of your body to keep you healthy and strong when your baby arrives!  


Taught by Whitney Sippl, DPT, WCS, a women’s health physical therapist specializing in prenatal and postnatal physical therapy.


Postpartum Physical Recovery Class Description:

Orange County physical therapy services in your home during the pregnancy, birth, & postnatal periods.

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