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Prenatal Physical Health & Labor Prep Class

This class will discuss the physical preparation to have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery.


Topics include: 


The pelvic floor during pregnancy: Learn if you should be doing kegels, how to do them correctly to improve muscle tone in the pelvic floor, how to check at home if you’re doing them correctly, and how to prep the pelvic floor for childbirth.

Perineal Massage/“Prep”: Learn Dr. Whitney’s physical therapy version of “perineal massage” to start to perform around the 34-36 week range of pregnancy to prep the pelvic floor and perineum for childbirth.

Managing scar tissue during pregnancy: Learn how to take care of perineal or cesarean scar tissue to prevent complications like adhesions or tightness

Abdominal massage and diastasis recti prevention: Learn how to perform abdominal massage during pregnancy to prevent or correct abdominal separation and potentially avoid other abdominal discomforts during pregnancy (including stretch marks!).

Posture and body mechanics: Learn about correcting posture and body mechanics during pregnancy to avoid various pregnancy related pains and to prep for childcare activities.

Safe core exercises for pregnancy: Learn safe abdominal exercises to perform throughout pregnancy to improve strength and function and to treat or prevent pelvic pains

Pelvic pains during pregnancy: Learn how to address some common (but not normal!) pelvic pains during pregnancy, such as low back pain, SI joint pain, pubic symphysis pain and dysfunction, round ligament pain, and hip and tailbone pains.

Preparing for labor and labor tools: Learn about things you can do to prepare for labor during pregnancy and various pain relief tools and techniques to use during labor.

Pregnancy tips: Learn about a variety of pregnancy related tips Dr. Whitney has collected over the years working with hundreds of moms and going through pregnancy and childbirth twice. 


This class will address primarily the physical preparation to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery and is a great adjunct to childbirth education classes.


Taught by Whitney Sippl, DPT, WCS, a women’s health physical therapist specializing in prenatal and postnatal physical therapy.



If you would like to view the entire online class, please fill out the form above, submit payment, and you will be emailed a unique link and password within 48 hours of receipt of payment to view the series at your leisure.


This includes access to 9 additional videos for approximately 2.25 hours of content:  

-The Pelvic Floor During Pregnancy (21 min)

-Perineal Massage/“Prep” (15 min)

-Managing Scar Tissue During Pregnancy (7 min)

-Abdominal Massage and Diastasis Recti Prevention (14 min)

-Posture and Body Mechanics (15 min)

-Safe Core Exercises for Pregnancy (19 min)

-Pelvic Pains During Pregnancy (17 min)

-Preparing for Labor and Labor Tools (13 min)

-Pregnancy Tips (14 min)

Class Introduction

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