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Exercises Programs:

Knocked Up Fitness – pregnancy specific exercise program


Erica Zeil Postpartum Core Program


Every Mother

Mutu System


Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Bands:


Baby Belly Band – discount code restore10

  • I love this pregnancy support band for earlier in pregnancy because it is so comfortable.  Once you're late in pregnancy you may need more support, in which case I would use one of the more supportive bands by Support Your Core or Belly Bandit


Support Your Core - discount code WHITNEYSIPPL

  • This was my favorite belly band for later in pregnancy because it gave me such great support.  

Belly Bandit 

  • Belly Bandit is a great company that now offers all sorts of pregnancy and postpartum bands, c-section support, shapewear, nursing clothing, and the v-sling.  They have a huge variety of options of support garments for the pregnant belly and postpartum and even have the v-sling for vulvar support for vulvar varicosities and labial swelling.

It’s You Babe

  • The V2supporter is for vulvar support for vulvar varicosities and labial swelling. 

SI Belt

  • This belt is a must if you have sacroiliac pain or pubic symphysis dysfunction during pregnancy or after delivery.  It provides external stabilization to your pelvis to decrease pain.  I like the Serola or Cybertech brands



Pelvic Floor Products:


Personal Lubricants

  • Uberlube:  Code RESTORE for discount. This is a great lubricant that has many uses (in addition to it's use as a lubricant for intercourse it is also used by athletes to avoid chafing and at salons to tame frizzy hair!).  The consistency is smooth and silky and it doesn't get sticky or oily and doesn't stain.  It has vitamin E oil in it and is absorbed by your skin leaving your skin feeling soft.

  • Desert Harvest: This company has a great aloe-based natural personal lubricant for intercourse, great for new moms.   I love the consistency of this lubrication and it doesn't get sticky or make a mess!

  • Good Clean Love: Another great personal lubricant that is certified organic, all-natural, without any parabens or petrochemicals.  You can never have too much lube after having a baby!

  • Aloe Cadabra: This is another aloe based lubricant and moisturizer that is chemical free.  Code VIP20-PT17 will get you 20% off of the first order

The Elvie Trainer

  • For $25 off enter "Whitney Sippl" in the referred by option during checkout. This product is an amazing tool that you can use at home to strengthen and gain awareness of your pelvic floor muscles.  It is a sleek wireless biofeedback device that measures the force of your pelvic floor when you do a kegel.  What's great about it is that it's linked to an app for your phone so you can play simple "games" with your pelvic floor to make your kegel workout fun.

Pelvic Floor Wand - Code WHITNEY4 for discount with Intimate Rose

  • This a a great tool to be able to work on your pelvic floor muscles on your own when you have trigger points or areas of tightness that are causing pain or urinary issues.

Vaginal Dilators

  • These are a must if you are having pain with intercourse.  II love Dr. Berman's Intimate Basics set because it has 4 different sizes that you can gradually work up to and they also have a vibration setting...which can be helpful to get the muscles to relax or to use for other purposes once you're done using the dilators for "medical" reasons

Vaginal/Pelvic Weights - Code WHITNEY4 for discount with Intimate Rose

  • Yes, there are weights for the vagina and Intimate Rose is my favorite brand because of the range of weights and the size of the weight for ease of application. In case kegels feel too easy for you, you can add weight to your pelvic floor muscles just like you would to progress exercises at the gym.  


Holistic Pediatrician Class & Blog:

Healthy Kids Happy Kids – Dr. Elisa Song

  • This is a wonderful holistic pediatrician that I follow who offers AMAZING information for our kiddos’ immune systems.  She offers so many useful resources for us moms on natural ways to boost our family's immune system and how to address common illnesses.

  • Her “Everyday Holistic Pediatrics” course is excellent!

Wearable Breast Pumps:



The Elvie Pump

  • For $25 off enter "Whitney Sippl" in the referred by option during checkout. 

Willow Pump

  • FSA/HSA eligible 


Other Products:

ALIGNMED Postural Support

    • Use code RESTORED on for a 10% discount

  • I LOVE these products for all of my moms and expecting moms - they provide postural support garments including bras and postural shirts to keep those shoulders back, which is one of the hardest things to do with a baby and why so many moms are hunched over and get back and neck pain.  The bras are wonderful for nursing moms with an easy front zipper to open while nursing.  They also have gel shoe inserts that are great especially during pregnancy since this is when the arches tend to collapse which is why moms complain of larger feet after having a baby (I always recommend good arch support during pregnancy to prevent this!).


Foam Roller

  • The foam roller is a great tool to roll out tight tense muscles.  I typically have my patients use it on their thighs, buttocks, and back.  If your muscles are very tight you will want a softer foam roller and make your way up to a higher density foam roll as the soft roller gets easier.  I typically suggest the 36 inch L x 6 inch D roller.



  • The TENS machine is a great portable device that can help tremendously as a labor pain relief tool.  It's pretty cheap and you can also use it after delivery for other aches and pains.



Recommended Products and Programs

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